~The Story of The White Robe~



“Never say you are happy when you are sad…Never say you are fine when you are not okay…Never say you feel good when you feel bad…Never say you are alone while I am alive”…xo

The week before I was scheduled to come to the hospital on a Monday morning I had time on my hands. I planned it that way. No panic, not any last-minute anything. I had all my bases covered. The countdown had begun. It reminded me of a pending NASA launch, it was T minus something and counting.  The passing of time became very surreal. The closer the surgery day became the slower the time passed. I could hear the tick toc of the slow clock. My arrangements were all made, I had battened down all the hatches at home, may bag was packed. My husband was taking me to my surgery. Time on my hands. I had been casually looking for a plain, white, lightweight cotton, mid-calf, wrap around robe with a belt. I wanted it for those walks down the hallways. A much better look than two hospital johnnies (gowns) one worn backwards. I wanted a bit of style as I walked those hallways. Looking good when I was able to walk again seemed fitting. I thought it would be easy to find, it wasn’t. I went everywhere, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Penney’s, even a few small boutiques, No white robe. I looked online, no white robe. The more I looked and did not find it, the more I wanted it. It is always the way, the more you want something and can’t find it, the more you want it.

My best friend, my Alabama best friend, Angie called, she was checking on me. Checking how I was doing with my count down to the big day, my surgery day. I told her about the hunt for the white robe. She immediately said, she could find me the white robe. I told her not to worry about the robe, I was being a bit obsessive, it is not important. She wasn’t hearing that, she was on a mission.  I knew there was no stopping her. I continued to look, no luck. Angie called late that afternoon. She was at a small lingerie shop in Mountain Brook. She had found the robe. Unbelievable! I naturally interrogated her – was it a white, plain, lightweight, cotton, mid-calf, wrap around, soft and comfy robe? Yes, yes and yes. It was shipping in the morning. What could I say? The only thing you can say when your best friend is taking good care of you. Thank you. I had faith that it was perfect. I curtailed my search, I could hear the tick toc of that slow clock. Time was moving very slowly. It always does when you are waiting. The parcel arrived the next afternoon. The robe was perfect, it was exactly what I was looking for, it was just what I visualized to a T. It fit like it was made for me. Yes, it was soft and comfy. Good to know I had my “hall” outfit, I put it in my bag.

We have a couple of great sayings in Alabama. I learned both of them from my friend, Angie. The first one, “I love you like my skin”, now that speaks for itself. That is some kind of strong love!  The second one, which I am particularly fond of is, “If you need me, I will be there in a heartbeat”. This is not a statement that is used casually. This is serious business, they really mean it. I thought, “A New York second”, was fast but an Alabama heartbeat has that beat, hands down. Yes, Angie had taught me that when she said to me, “If you ever need me, I will be there in a heartbeat”.  She meant it. I met Angie when we were both young, teenagers! We have grown up together through everything life has brought to us. We have shared it all, the highs the lows, the joys and the sadness. We have carried one another, we have dragged one another, and all of the happiest moments of our lives have been enjoyed together. What happens to her happens to me and what happens to me happens to her.  She is a keeper. I live in Massachusetts, she lives In Alabama.  The distance has never mattered. Every moment through our forty-year journey has made our bond that much stronger. We are a force. I have no idea who I would be today had I not met Angie. A keeper from the moment we met. Her friendship is a treasure to me, it is a pleasure and an honor to call her friend. I can see so clearly that there are no coincidences, we were meant to be.

The white robe speaks volumes, it illustrates the story of our friendship, our connection and deep respect we have for one another. What I cannot do she can, what she cannot do I certainly will try to do. Angie recently wrote, “Every step you have taken this summer, I have taken with you”. I know this to be true. I know I can stumble and fall here in Massachusetts, and she will catch me in Alabama. Honor and respect your close friendships they are precious and priceless as well. They will save your life over and over again. A friendship needs to be tended like a garden, so it will grow and bloom over and over again. Never take it for granted, you have a responsibility to honor, respect and nourish it. You will reap what you sown. The friendship garden is the one you want to flourish, put your whole heart and soul into it, it never waivers, it is yours, a very soft and safe place to land.

Let this be a love letter to my dear friend Angie, as well as a thank you note, as I am sure in the days of my crazy summer, I am quite sure that a proper one was never sent.  Miss Angie please know that I am always close, right here standing in your light, and what a bright pure light it is. The details are never important, you always say the same thing, “what can I do?”. It always surprises me, blown away how you are there for me, you and your energies are a delight to me. We will talk tomorrow, as we usually speak everyday, what a blessing that is because a day without you is like a day without sun. I will continue down the path, on my journey toward my true healing and recovery knowing that you are there taking all those steps with me. I will be standing up just a little bit taller, striding with great determination energized by your love and support. Our friendship is one of the most fabulous aspects of my life, I am very grateful to be so fortunate to call you my friend. I love my white robe too, I think of you each time I put it on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I hope that this finds you feeling well and in the best of spirits.

Always dazzle, Karen

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